WordPress Hybrid Client: v1.5.x

WordPress Hybrid Client: v1.5.x

I am happy to announce the release of WPHC 1.5.x, this release adds new features (comments, multi-level menu) but also focus on making the installation easier and lighter (12 dependencies were removed).

As usual this release as been tested on OSX and Linux (Ubuntu) via docker https://github.com/shprink/wphc-dockerbox

You can refer to the online documentation to properly build your applications. A Computer science background is required but the explanations should be clear enough.

WordPress Hybrid Client (WPHC) is an Open Source project available on GitHub.

1.5.0 ChangeLog


1.5.1 ChangeLog


Breaking Changes

  • “cache.views” and “cache.forward” configuration (within config.json) were move to “ionicConfig.views.maxCache” and “ionicConfig.views.forwardCache” respectively


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